Monday, March 3, 2008

Podcast one,two,three - related links

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast one,two,three - info and links

This one features selections from Chamber Tapes "Actual Echo, Natural Echo",
Borbetomagus (Live at Inroads) and Hunting Lodge (Live 82).



Hunting Lodge

And more about the first and second:

the first episode of Cassette Culture Podcast!
Featuring selections from

Climax Golden Twins,

Zan Hoffman,

Weird Scenes.


Martin Newell


Bourbonese Qualk

All copyright and publishing stays with the artist.


Stephan Barbery

Tara Cross

One For Bangkok comp. C-60 L'Agence Des Refus├ęs

Stillife - "Rubrica" - Coranch/Deathless Moon Music, BMI

Formed in 1982, Stillife is more-a-project/less-a-band of L.A. musicians involved in
various other projects/bands.
Primarily a vehicle for Michael Le-Donne Bhennet, the group has cut one EP marketed
by Contagion records.
"Rubrica" (co-authored by Fink and Bhennet) is taken from that EP.
Culled from the liner notes of the comp. cassette.

We Be Echo

Y-Create - Hessel Veldman

Madadayo CD released on

Radio show hosted by Hessel -

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