Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cassette Culture dot net Podcat on iTunes

[September 1st, 2009]
Greetings from the cave in ole memPHIZZ - here's tha subScrizuption news.
number 14
of the Cassette Culture dot net podcast is complete

[it's quite a long one! 37 minutes!]

Thanks to Kevin Thorne for making these available on iTunes!

This episode features,

Mans Hate - Andy Xport (uk)
Arms of Someone New "Dear Friend" Office records (us)
Schlafengarden - "Spring Cleaning" - Sound of Pig [26] (us)
Nounauthorized - "virus" - Fraction Studio (fr)
Nexda - "Man Smiles DUB" - The History of Jazz comp. (nl)
Dirty Husbands - "1chance2" (fr)

and a special mix with Mystery Hearsay vs. MerZan ala
other surprizes.

Boy was THAT time consuming, but pretty darn kewl, special remix in the
last 14 min.s - please let me know how it sounds plays - displays as i
added pics and links to each songs chapter except "Dirty Husbands"
since there was little info from my search.

link to feed on:


You can listen to the mp3 versions of #13 and 14

in the DJMm player here:

... Stay tuned for ...

Kuwahara: Collaboration with with Michael Peck (Echotomb,DYSMHA) and Mike Honeycutt of Mystery Hearsay. Tracks are currently in progress. Look for a release in Fall of 2009. [also] Kuwahara: "A Basket for Elliot" featured on the Chaotic Underworld Noise Vol. 4 Comp.


OK! back to the grind...