Monday, June 21, 2010

Kuwahara project

Release Date: March 09, 2010
Waiting World Records

A postal collaboration formed by M. Peck (MaggotAppleWonderland, ECHOTOMB) and Mike Honeycutt (Mystery Hearsay) in 2009 that explores the genres of drone, noise, dark ambient, and experimental electronics.
Their first release "HoneyCult" is a cohesive and focused delivery of fertile sonic imagination and brilliant execution. More than just a frightening audio montage, this release reveals plenty of depth and introspection that is both contemplative and engaging.

The sound sources themselves are as diverse as the creators. Utilizing analog and digital synthesizers, theremin, electric and acoustic guitars, recycled audio, micro cassette recorders, field recordings and various effect boxes the two formed a tapestry of feral sonic movements, perhaps creating their own niche genre all the while which leaves much reward to the listener. Recorded and edited for the better part of 2009, the final arranging/mastering was carried out by Peck at Audio Propulsion Labs and then passed back to Honeycutt for track sequencing.

Make no mistake, this album is dark, yet accessible. Poignant and immersible. Fans of Nurse With Wound, Ure Thrall, Illusion of Safety will undoubtedly dive headfirst into this release.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cassette Culture dot net Podcat on iTunes

[September 1st, 2009]
Greetings from the cave in ole memPHIZZ - here's tha subScrizuption news.
number 14
of the Cassette Culture dot net podcast is complete

[it's quite a long one! 37 minutes!]

Thanks to Kevin Thorne for making these available on iTunes!

This episode features,

Mans Hate - Andy Xport (uk)
Arms of Someone New "Dear Friend" Office records (us)
Schlafengarden - "Spring Cleaning" - Sound of Pig [26] (us)
Nounauthorized - "virus" - Fraction Studio (fr)
Nexda - "Man Smiles DUB" - The History of Jazz comp. (nl)
Dirty Husbands - "1chance2" (fr)

and a special mix with Mystery Hearsay vs. MerZan ala
other surprizes.

Boy was THAT time consuming, but pretty darn kewl, special remix in the
last 14 min.s - please let me know how it sounds plays - displays as i
added pics and links to each songs chapter except "Dirty Husbands"
since there was little info from my search.

link to feed on:


You can listen to the mp3 versions of #13 and 14

in the DJMm player here:

... Stay tuned for ...

Kuwahara: Collaboration with with Michael Peck (Echotomb,DYSMHA) and Mike Honeycutt of Mystery Hearsay. Tracks are currently in progress. Look for a release in Fall of 2009. [also] Kuwahara: "A Basket for Elliot" featured on the Chaotic Underworld Noise Vol. 4 Comp.

OK! back to the grind...


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast episode six

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast Six

here's your invitation to download the Sixth installment of CC dot net Podcast!

http://www. naturexotik. com/sound_files/CCnet_Podcast_192k-06. m4a

Featuring selections from Modern Art,MFH,Schuster and Webcore.
All copyright and publishing stays with the artist. 04-16-2008

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cassette Culture Dot Net Podcast number Five

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast Number Five

Welcome to episode
number Five
CC dot net

Featuring selections from

Erick,Russ Stedman,
Cultural Amnesia
and LARB.

All copyright and publishing
stays with the artist.

Enjoy some pics from the MEMMAKER,Iszoloscope,SYNNACK,WormsOfTheEarth
Easter event in DC



  • "Most modern composers erect walls of sound, each with a mortar of his own ingenious making. But who inhabits all those rooms?" -Toru Takemitsu ...


Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Spring Missouri movie

[ Big Spring Missouri ]

short videos by mike honeycutt may be viewed


[Greer Spring]

Missouri Blue Springs

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast - more episodes coming..

But for now I'll share some pics of my favorite watering holes? Well no - not talkin bout drinking Alchemyhol.
Missouri has the most natural underground springs in the US. Twenty of the largest pump millions of gallons daily into the many rivers in the state. I've posted some pics on my photo site -

For the blogdom, here's a few to enjoy:
The first two are located near Dora,Missouri - in the Mark Twain National Forest - the third one is located outside of Eminence and called "Blue Spring".

Monday, March 3, 2008

Podcast one,two,three - related links

Cassette Culture dot net Podcast one,two,three - info and links

This one features selections from Chamber Tapes "Actual Echo, Natural Echo",
Borbetomagus (Live at Inroads) and Hunting Lodge (Live 82).



Hunting Lodge

And more about the first and second:

the first episode of Cassette Culture Podcast!
Featuring selections from

Climax Golden Twins,

Zan Hoffman,

Weird Scenes.


Martin Newell


Bourbonese Qualk

All copyright and publishing stays with the artist.


Stephan Barbery

Tara Cross

One For Bangkok comp. C-60 L'Agence Des Refus├ęs

Stillife - "Rubrica" - Coranch/Deathless Moon Music, BMI

Formed in 1982, Stillife is more-a-project/less-a-band of L.A. musicians involved in
various other projects/bands.
Primarily a vehicle for Michael Le-Donne Bhennet, the group has cut one EP marketed
by Contagion records.
"Rubrica" (co-authored by Fink and Bhennet) is taken from that EP.
Culled from the liner notes of the comp. cassette.

We Be Echo

Y-Create - Hessel Veldman

Madadayo CD released on

Radio show hosted by Hessel -